Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade sings praises of Mesirow’s Coney

By Becky Yerak

When it came time for Miami Heat all-star Dwyane Wade to pick a chairman for his Chicago-based foundation, Mesirow Financial Executive Vice President Les Coney turned out to be his go-to guy.

“You ask for an important name in Chicago, and he’s one of the guys’ names who comes up,” Wade, a Chicago native and founder of his Wade’s World Foundation, says of Coney. ChiFinance caught up with Wade on his recent visit to By the Hand Club for Kids at 1000 N. Sedgwick to announce a literacy promotion.

“I had the opportunity to meet with him and give him a sense of the vision of our foundation,” Wade said of Coney, who is in the Office of the Chairman of the Chicago-based financial services firm. “With his heart and his leadership in the community, he was able to help us.

“We’re so blessed to have Les as part of Wade’s World.”

Here’s a brief video interview that I did with Wade in which he discusses his literacy efforts, what he’s reading now, his favorite book, and the weird spelling of his own name:




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