Becky Yerak is a Chicago Tribune reporter who writes about banking, insurance and private equity, as well as movers and shakers in those industries. She’s also interested in trends related to borrowing, earning and spending.

The Cleveland native previously worked for the Detroit News, the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the Palm Beach Post and Orlando Business Journal.  She has a bachelor’s in journalism from Ohio State University. She can also be followed at http://www.twitter.com/beckyyerak. Her Facebook page is called simply Becky Yerak.

She can be reached at 312-222-4283 or byerak@tribune.com

Yerak’s many hobbies include going to the movies and watching TV, as well as getting pampered in the spa at Nordstrom, where she’s also well-acquainted with the sales force in the accessories department.

She also likes to travel, explore Chicago and take Illinois road trips; eat premium ice cream and Italian food; and get eight hours of sleep a night.

She’s still fond of sending snail mail, and her pleasure-reading choices are often dictated by what books and magazines are discarded in the laundry room of her apartment building. She regularly takes classes at the Newberry Library.

Yerak is active at Blind Services Association of Chicago, and is a lector and acolyte at St. Peter’s in the Loop. She’s also a member of the Southport Cine-Club, a monthly film discussion group.


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