Funeral products company gets new private equity owner

I never realized that there are companies who provide services to the funeral-home industry, so when I found out about a family-owned Joliet, IL, business, Deaton-Kennedy, that was bought by a private equity company, Prairie Capital, I just had to write about it for the Chicago Tribune.



Joe Lieberman, ex-senator, named chairman of Chicago investment firm

I had a scoop in the Dec. 24 Chicago Tribune about Joe Lieberman, the former U.S. senator and 2000 vice presidential nominee, becoming chairman of a Chicago-based investment firm. I interviewed him, as well as some of the firm’s principals, for about 15 minutes over the phone on Monday. Lieberman, who is primarily living in New York these days, sounds exactly like he does on C-SPAN and the Sunday morning talk shows. I had to interrupt him a few times during the interview because I knew my time with him was limited and there were questions I had to squeeze in.

Joe Lieberman